About us

We make what matters most to you grow.
And we follow it, all along the way.

La Centrale Capital Solutions (LCCS) is a property promotion and management company specialised in offering services to private and institutional investors in need of an operational platform during the «strategic» (Asset management), «dynamic» (Project Management) and «static» (Property Management) phases.

LCCS provides its clients with Advisory services including on-demand services and end-to-end management.

Our target clients include:

On-demand” services

  • Asset Management Companies
  • Banks, Insurance Companies, Social Security Institutions
  • Local and national government agencies
  • Property Private Equity Firms
  • Industrial and Business Groups not interested in Real Estate
  • Real Estate companies that require outsourcing for development and management phases

End-to-end” management

  • Family Offices
  • Private and Institutional financial investors